1st Global Honors DSF Wealth Management as an 8 Diamond Eagle Firm for 2015


DSF Wealth Management, LLC], headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, was recognized for its exceptional accomplishments throughout the year at the 2015 1st Global National Conference that took place from Nov. 8–10 at the Omni Amelia Island Resort in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

“As a partner to these exceptional teams, Diamond Eagle firms inspire us with their passion and lead us with their excellence, setting the standard for others to follow as they pave their paths to success,” 1st Global President David Knoch said. “They are exceptional because of the way they conduct their businesses and the important role they play in helping to create the good life for those who have been placed in their trust and care.”

Based on business volume across the firm, the Diamond Eagle award is a privilege reserved for those firms with individuals who have modeled the 1st Global purpose of enabling intentional living and demonstrate a persistent approach to creating amazing experiences for their clients and in helping them to live their own intentional lives.

1st Global is proud to honor DSF Wealth Management  for achieving 8 Diamond Eagle status. We truly respect and appreciate DSF Wealth Management’s dedication to serving its clients through comprehensive financial planning advice, and we celebrate DSF Wealth Management on its consistent development and achievement.

The 2015 1st Global National Conference focused on “Success by Design” and challenged those in attendance to set their sights on discovering their blueprint for building a stronger business that will serve multiple generations for clients, for years to come. Success in this effort is achieved through confidence, growth, partnership, responsibility and living — all by design.

To help bring this message to fruition, 1st Global sought out a field of admired and accomplished individuals from a variety of professions who were able to offer unique perspective into what exactly it means to find “Success by Design.”

In addition to presentations by Knoch and 1st Global Chairman and CEO Tony Batman, conference speakers included Pat Williams, senior vice president of the Orlando Magic and a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame; Doug Lennick, CEO and co-founder of professional consulting firm think2perform; Jen Groover, entrepreneur, speaker, designer and author of “What If? & Why Not?”; Carl Peterson, CPA, vice president of small firms at the American Institute of CPAs; Lewis Schiff, author of “Business Brilliant” and executive director of Inc. Business Owners Council; and Lisa Kueng, executive director of Invesco.

The agenda also dedicated to main stage panel discussions on key issues affecting the financial services industry — direct participation programs (DPPs) and the proposed fiduciary rule proposed by the U.S. Department of Labor. Led by Jeff Magson, executive vice president and client experience officer at 1st Global, the DPP panel discussion featured valuable understanding from industry-leading due diligence experts, including 1st Global Executive Vice President, Compliance, Legal & Risk Assessment, Mike Pagano, regarding the transitioning DPP industry. The roundtable discussion concerning the DOL proposal was led by David T. Bellaire, Esq., executive president and general counsel of the Financial Services Institute, and included an impassioned conversation on the definition of “fiduciary” and how this impacts advisors and their roles for their clients.

Reflecting on the wisdom he has gleamed from Harry M. Markowitz, Ph.D., 1st Global Chairman and CEO Tony Batman discussed the important role utility plays in commanding a life by design. The emotional message challenged the audience to accept the responsibility of the important role financial planners’ play in the lives of their clients and loved ones.

“The purpose of 1st Global is to enable intentional living, and leading a life of intention doesn’t occur by accident — one must carefully design for success,” Batman said. “Our hope is that those who attended National Conference will walk away with their own blueprints and strategies that will build stronger businesses. We hope they feel empowered to achieve ‘Success by Design’ in all they do.”


About 1st Global

1st Global was founded in 1992 by CPAs who believe that accounting, tax and estate planning firms are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive wealth management services to their clients. 1st Global provides CPA, tax and estate planning firms the education, technology, business-building framework and client solutions that make these firms leaders in their professions through dedicated professional client relationships built around wealth management.

More than 400 firms have chosen to affiliate with 1st Global, making us one of the largest financial services partners for the tax, accounting and legal professions.

The Diamond Eagle award is given to firms based on the criterion of the firm’s production volume across all product lines.

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